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The function of the shank is to guide and self-centre NUTFIX™ in the metal sheet. The groove located on the shank (for FE, FP and PE type NUTFIX™) retains the material of the workpiece, which flows under the pressure exerted during installation. The groove provides anchorage - and therefore the push-out force - of NUTFIX™. The knurling guarantees torque resistance.

NUTFIX FP type Shank

FP type
Shank in inch dimensions. Profile suitable for applications on metal sheet thicknesses ≥ 0.8 mm.
The shank groove ensures an excellent push-out force, and the knurling guarantees a very high torque resistance.

NUTFIX FE type Shank

FE type
Shank in metric dimensions. Profile suitable for applications on metal sheet thicknesses ≥ 0.6 mm. This design is the guarantee of very high mechanical resistance; tensile force, push-out force and torque.
Suitable for crimping in highly strain-hardened material.

NUTFIX PE type Shank

PE type
Mechanical characteristics identical to the FE type. The flush side is reversed, in comparison with the FE and FP types.

NUTFIX PC type Shank

PC type
The PC nut can be completely buried in the thickness of the workpiece where the application necessitates a flush finish on both sides (for metal sheet ≥ 1.5 mm thickness). It is more resistant than a simple thread of the metal sheet, and can be installed prior to bending of this last.
High mechanical resistance.

NUTFIX RE type Shank

RE type
The principle of anchoring by squeezing enables installation on soft materials (composites, plastics, etc.).
NUTFIX RE also allows the assembly of two sheets by riveting.

NUTFIX Open End Body

Open End
Allows the use of screws of varying lengths.

For high-performance self-locking, LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX offers a range of solutions to suit specific applications.

NUTFIX Closed End Body

Closed End
Provides a tight seal against splashing water.

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