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FLUSHFIX® is delivered as a single part product with a breakpoint in the middle.
A conventional installation tool can be used to break the cone shape and the skirt apart, and insert the cone shape into the cylinder (skirt) until it locks.
The bulging and crimping in the metal sheet is generated by the insertion of the cone shape into the skirt.
This deformation joins FLUSHFIX® to the workpiece.


Cone shape

FLUSHFIX Cone shape

The cone shape enables transmission of the setting force and provides the thread function after installation.



Number of grooves Thickness to be crimped
4 1 mm
3 1.5 mm
2 2 mm
1 2.5 mm
none 3 mm

The skirt provides the join between FLUSHFIX® and the wall of the tube.
Peripheral grooves enable visual identification of the different versions, depending on the thickness to be crimped.

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