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Notre Vocation - Un service logistique adapté

STOCK4U: a logistics service to suit your requirements

We deliver our technical fastening components according to your logistics needs. We set up a dedicated stock for you, adapted to your production and supply schedules with our exclusive STOCK4U customer service tool.

Your industrial and logistics constraints are multiple: volatility of orders, short lead-time requirements from your customers, divergent variations in terms of needs, and so on. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can be supplied at very short notice, whatever the circumstances may be?

Together with you, we evaluate your fasteners purchasing portfolio in terms of:

  • Annual volume
  • Probable peak consumption
  • Desired lead-time

and we set aside a physical stock for you, in our warehouses, dedicated to your needs – which constantly guarantees you the logistics flexibility we have defined together.

This service has been rendered operational thanks to STOCK4U - our dedicated reservation software, which was specifically developed for this purpose.

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