Quality Policy
Company / Quality policy

Our Quality Policy is based on the control of risk:

In the pre-project phase

We work with our customers to identify the performance to be attained, in terms of:
- Mechanical requirements
- Quality objectives (PPM commitments, for example)
- Delivery lead-times STOCK4U


In the design phase

We are equipped with:

  • calculation modules allowing us to design our fastener solutions
  • 2D & 3D CAD software, interfaceable with all the major originators
  • manufacturing resources dedicated to the manufacture of prototypes
  • - a test laboratory equipped with measurement and testing facilities to qualify our fastener solutions (tension/compression test bench, torque measurement equipment, salt spray cabinets, etc.)

These resources allow us to qualify and validate the design of our fastener solutions, both in theory and in practice.

In the industrialisation and production phases

  • through control of the heat treatment process: we define the cycle curves for the various heat treatments applied to our products ourselves we make sure that this special procedure is controlled in compliance with the audit reference text CQI-9: Special Process: Heat Treat System Assessment (Version 2, issued 8/07).
Qualité - Four Traitements Thermiques
  • through control of the coating process: we have a direct relationship with the chemical formulators of two major treatment families (electrolytic and flake) enabling us to propose solutions that are appropriate in terms of both friction coefficient and corrosion resistance criteria. We also ensure the performance of the coating operation of our fastener solutions through salt spray testing.
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  • through control of the screw cutting and cold forming processes: all new fastener solutions are the subject of capability studies on key characteristics - either defined by LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX during the design, or by the customer. We use FMEA risk analysis tools and can provide our customers with PPAP documentation.
Qualité - Courbe de Gauss
  • through control of the installation procedures for our fastener solutions, whether for portable appliances (for CLUFIX®, CLUFIX-STUD™,ENDFIX®, FLUSHFIX®, RIVETFIX™, BOLTOFIX™ and LOCKFIX™ products), crimping presses (for NUTFIX™, SPACERFIX™, STUDFIX™ and CAPTIFIX™) injection moulding machines (for SOFTERFIX™ products). We offer our customers guidance and advice in the choice and implementation of the installation tools which allow us to guarantee the performance of our fastener solutions.
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In terms of regulations

We have organised monitoring so as to allow us to take into account the regulations and to guarantee their application – whether it is a matter of requirements applicable to products (material standards, test standards, standards specific to fasteners, etc.) or regulatory requirements (RoHS /Reach – type European directives, etc.)

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In terms of quality management

Our ISO 9001-certified quality system is based on measurement of the performance of our processes in single-minded pursuit of optimal customer satisfaction, through an approach founded on shared objectives between customers inside and outside of the company.

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