Technical Expertise
Company / Technical expertise

Integrated production & Quality control

The expertise of LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX in manufacturing technologies, either by material cutting or cold forming, in heat treatment and surface finishes, guarantees optimal repeatability of the key characteristics of our components.
LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX pursues an aggressive investment policy in its industrial facilities, employee training and quality management tools, enabling us to capitalise on our expertise in different sectors.

Notre Vocation - Production intégrée & Qualité maîtrisée

Technic Vallée

Located in the Technic Vallée at the heart of a technical and industrial centre of excellence, LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX has accumulated its expertise in mechanical systems, equipment, heat treatments and finishes over several decades.
Moreover, LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX maintains a high level of expertise and competitiveness through constant investment in the major technologies of manufacturing assembly components - screw cutting, machining, cold and semi-hot forming.

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