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Sophisticated fasteners

Thanks to decades of solid experience in mechanical systems, LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX has developed an innovative approach based on 2 key beliefs:
The product-process dimension, consisting in components and their means of setting, is a source of gains in productivity and improved product quality.
Fastening components capable of providing these gains in productivity are highly technical products and the repeatability of their characteristics is the key to performance (grade of materials, dimensional precision, heat treatment, surface finishes...).

LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX devotes 6% of its turnover to R&D, and completes development of several new and innovative products every year. Some of the products we create are patent-protected. the LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX R&D teams bring technical knowhow and sophistication to new components, which are developed with constant attention to meeting 4 objectives:

  • Fasteners must be capable of clearly generating process savings when they are implemented by our customers
  • LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX also provides its customers with the equipment and installation tools which will enable this economical implementation
  • LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX fasteners are systematically made available in the form of product ranges which can be adapted to the huge range of application scenarios which are likely to arise: thickness and nature of workpiece materials, mechanical characteristics required, seal...
    Because we seek to provide our customers with the most effective solutions for their projects, we consider it to be our job to develop solutions in anticipation of the uses our fasteners are likely to be put to.
  • - LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX is an expert in the pertinent choice of manufacturing technologies. This allows us to guarantee a very high level of quality

Lastly, the very complete sets of laboratory equipment provided to LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX R&D teams means we are able to guarantee all component functionalities in every possible application, thanks to extensive testing – static, dynamic and ageing – in which real-life fastener conditions are reproduced both in the workpiece installation phase and in terms of the life of the product to which they are attached.

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