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20/09/2010 - Patented captive screw solution IMC-type CAPTIFIX™

The new European Directive on machinery (2006/42/CE), which was recently modified, introduces a new requirement:
Fixed guards must now be equipped with captive fastener systems.

As designers and manufacturers of machines, you must therefore modify your existing designs, making them compliant with these new requirements.
With CAPTIFIX™ IMC this compliance becomes easy to achieve:

► CAPTIFIX™ IMC demands no specific installation tooling or machines – eliminating the need to position the (sometimes cumbersome) metal casing in a press – and is installed manually, as easily as a simple screw.

Processus de pose CAPTIFIX™ type IMC

► The CAPTIFIX™ IMC fastener system attaches very securely to its support, with a tensile force in excess of 150 daN.

CAPTIFIX™ type IMC Arrachement

► CAPTIFIX™ IMC can be inserted in place of nut and bolt systems, and requires no modification to the design of your casings, thanks to the particularly compact design of the component.


► CAPTIFIX™ IMC allows latitude in clearance to be maintained (to compensate for manufacturing tolerances), combining captivity with the option of mounting in an oblong hole.

CAPTIFIX™ type IMC Lumière Oblongue

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