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O'ring sealing solutions

To resolve sealing problems, the CLUFIX® range includes a variant with an under-head seal.
Product range: flange head with under-head seal, round or hexagonal body, stainless steel or 316L stainless steel.
The application and the constraints linked to it determine the type of seal to be used. The table below enables selection of seal material.

CLUFIX Etanche avec Joint CLUFIX Étanchéité

Environmental resistance

Elastomer type O-ring caracteristics Colour DIDC
Temperature (°C)
Minimum Maximum
Ethylene Propylene
Code : EP
Very good resistance to:
- water, steam and aqueous solutions in general
- synthetic brake fluid
- atmospheric agents
Low resistance to:
- mineral oils and hydrocarbons
Good resistance to cold
Relatively good mechanical behaviour
Black 83 -50 140 175
Nitrile (NBR)
Code : NI
Good resistance to:
- mineral oils
- household gases
- water up to 70°C
- fuels
- aliphatic solvents
Low resistance to:
- atmospheric agents
- acids
- brake fluid
Good mechanical behaviour
Black 79 -30 100 120
Code : FC
Very good resistance to:
- heat
- mineral oils
- household gases
- atmospheric agents
- fuels
- aromatic and aliphatic solvents
Good resistance to:
- chemicals in general
- acids
Low resistance to:
- bases
- brake fluid
Limited resistance to cold
Relatively good mechanical behaviour
Good impermeability
Black 78 -25 200 250
Silicon (Q)
Code : SI
Very good resistance to:
- heat
- atmospheric agents
- water up to 100°C
- cold
Moderate resistance to:
- mineral oils
- household gases
Low resistance to fuels
High impermeability
Poor mechanical behaviour
Red 63 -60 200 225
If the constraints of the application are different, please fill-in the CLUFIX® on demand sheet.

< O'ring sealing solutions - Resin sealing solutions - IP degree >

Resin sealing solutions

To resolve your sealing problems, the CLUFIX® range includes a variant with a resin sealing product.
Product range: flush or flange headed, round or hexagonal bodied, closed end, steel, stainless steel, 316L stainless steel or aluminium.

CLUFIX Etanche par Enduction

Resin sealing product data

Name: Precote 5
Type: Thixotropic product (= which liquefies under stress)
Colour: Light blue
Resistance in the following conditions:

  • Air - 50°C to + 180°C
  • Engine oil + 150°C
  • Gear Oil + 150°C
  • Glycol / Water 50/50 + 120°C
  • Tap water + 100°C
  • Brake fluid + 150°C
  • Petrol Ambient temperature
  • Diesel Ambient temperature
Shéma CLUFIX Enduit Caractéristiques

Resin sealing product characteristics

Resin thickness: About 0.25 mm
Resin height: at least 4mm above the flush head

Crimping watertight CLUFIX® with resin sealing

1. Insertion of CLUFIX® into hexagonal hole:

The resin sealing is laminated when the CLUFIX® is introduced into the hexagonal hole in the sheet metal.
Product surplus is discharged to the front, around the flush head. Maximum crimping capacity is therefore slightly reduced by 1mm – t, where t is the amount by which the head protrudes not including the resin sealing.

Shéma CLUFIX Enduit Insertion

2. Clufix® Crimping:

During crimping:

  • One part of the product is compressed under the crimping force, creating a first watertight seal.
  • The other part of the product is ejected, forming a sort of bulge which reinforces the seal at the final assembly stage.
Shéma CLUFIX Enduit Sertissage
Shéma CLUFIX Enduit Assemblage

Assembly after crimping watertight CLUFIX® with resin sealing

During the final assembly stage, a second sheet of metal is fixed against the first sheet of metal, where the CLUFIX® is crimped.
The flush head and the bulge are compressed between these two sheets of metal, creating a second watertight seal.

Guaranteed Seal Rating

Tests have enabled us to demonstrate a seal that is compliant with the standard CEI60529 for an IP67 rating.

Conditions for storage and for delayed use

Our CLUFIX® that are watertight through coating can be stored loose in normal storage conditions (ordinary temperatures and humidity levels).
Crimping can be carried out even after a long period of storage, of several months or years.
In the same way, after crimping, our CLUFIX® that are watertight through coating guarantee a longlasting tight seal.

Other references

Other CLUFIX® references (thread dimensions, crimping thicknesses, designs, materials, etc.) can be offered on demand.
For specific conditions of use, please don't hesitate to contact us, because we also offer other sealing products.

< O'ring sealing solutions - Resin sealing solutions - IP degree >

IP degree requirement

The sealed CLUFIX® solution has been assessed in compliance with the CEI 60529 standard, which lays down the degree of protection (IP). These IP codes correspond to seal requirement levels, which are expressed by the tests described in the table below.

Desired seal characteristics IP number Significance for protection of the equipment
First number : protection against penetration of solid foreign bodies 0
Ø ≥ 50 mm
Ø ≥ 12.5 mm
Ø ≥ 2.5 mm
Ø ≥ 1.0 mm
Second numeral : protection against penetration of water, with harmful effects 0
Vertically falling water drops
Falling water drops (15° angle)
Spraying water
Splashing water
Water jets
Powerful water jets
Temporary immersion in water
Continuous immersion in water*
* subject to an agreement to be defined with the customer
ex : IPX6 / IPX7 / IP66 / IP67 (X = no requirement)

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