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Metal sheet preparation according to shape


Ø 4.8 Ø 6.4
BOLTOFIX Corps Cylindrique Standard
4.9 / 5.1 6.6 / 7.0

dimensions: mm

BOLTOFIX Tête Standard Standard

BOLTOFIX Tôle non Préparée
No workpiece preparation

BOLTOFIX Tête Fraisée Countersunk

BOLTOFIX Tôle Fraisée
Countersinking operation which allows the BOLTOFIX™ head to be integrated into workpiece.


Achievement Process

Punching BOLTOFIX Trou Cylindrique BOLTOFIX Tôle non Préparée  
Drilling BOLTOFIX Trou Cylindrique BOLTOFIX Tôle non Préparée BOLTOFIX Tôle Fraisée
Laser cutting BOLTOFIX Trou Cylindrique BOLTOFIX Tôle non Préparée  
Water jet cutting BOLTOFIX Trou Cylindrique BOLTOFIX Tôle non Préparée  

These four processes can be used to create the hole destined to receive the BOLTOFIX™. Quality of preparation is, however, of overriding importance in guaranteeing optimal riveting which will result in high mechanical resistance.

< Metal sheet preparation - Tooling - Setting >

Installation tooling

BOLTOFIX™ should be installed using the TFR104 or TFR107 oleopneumatic riveting tool or the TFR304 manual riveting tool, available in the TOOLIN'FIX™ section. Use of a standard tool matching the selected BOLTOFIX™ diameter is imperative to carrying out installation.

BOLTOFIX Installation Tooling
Riveting tool Nozzle BOLTOFIX™

BOLTOFIX™ installation process

BOLTOFIX Installation Process

For more details about all tools, please refer to the TOOLIN'FIX™ data sheets.

< Metal sheet preparation - Tooling - Setting >

BOLTOFIX™ installation settings

To ensure optimal installation of BOLTOFIX™, the correct level of pressure supply to the equipment is essential.

BOLTOFIX Manomètre

Air Pressure
This parameter concerns only oleopneumatic tools.
The air supply pressure level determines the setting force of the installation tool.
The minimum pressure required is 6 bars. This value corresponds to the usual pressure of an air pressure supply network.
To guarantee optimum riveting, it is advise to use an air pressure gauge between the air supply and installation tool.

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