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Advantage Proof Benefit
Blind installation possible CLUFIX® design allows crimping even when access to the opposite side of the workpiece is impossible Quick easy-fit thread function on a tube, hollow body or profile workpiece
High-resistance assembly guaranteed Refer to data sheets Guarantee of perfect assembly
Guaranteed coaxiality in threading and drilling for the crimping operation The CLUFIX® body is used as a dog point Perfect assembly guaranteed in terms of both functional and geometrical aspects
Robust crimping function + thread function in a single component CLUFIX® consists of a deformation chamber (which allows the crimping and riveting operations) and of an internal thread (which is necessary to installation, and also enables the nut function)
Large body diameter in comparison with that of a rivet => high tensile and shearing resistances
Multifunction component simplifying the process
Guarantee of thread presence and compliance after installation The thread is essential to insert installation
Its presence is therefore systematically checked during the crimping operation
An end to scrapping finished workpieces because of missing or damaged threads
Can be used on painted workpieces CLUFIX® crimping does not damage painted workpieces during installation Simplification of the process: can be used on pre-painted workpieces
Simple installation process No welding station or robot - just a simple crimping tool 1) Immediately covers its own costs
2) No special skills required
Flexibility in installation Installation is possible either in the workshop or on-site Organisational flexibility
Very high-speed installation rate Insert positioning + crimping operation = 3 seconds = 1,200 parts per hour, depending on the application Improved reactivity
Assembly cost savings
Retapping to remove weld spots is eliminated No welding, just a crimping operation Elimination of the retapping phase
Elimination of retapping to remove excess paint Can be installed on painted workpieces Elimination of the retapping phase
No anticorrosion deterioration because no thread retapping is necessary
Aesthetic solution No visible welds Completely aesthetic, yet without polishing costs or workpiece deterioration (burns and deformations) => no scrap
Can be used on all materials (metals, composites, etc.) No heating of the material during installation Process savings - whatever the workpiece material
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