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Tube preparation

ENDFIX® installation does not usually require any specific tube preparation.
However, in the event that large cutting burrs prevent ENDFIX® insertion, removal of the burrs is recommended.
It is also important to make sure that the internal wall of the tube is clear of filings, greasy substances or any other problematic elements.

ENDFIX Tube Preparation

< Tube Preparation - Tooling - Installation - Setting >

Installation tools

ENDFIX® should be installed using standard LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX oleopneumatic crimping tools. Use of a specific tooling matching the selected ENDFIX® diameter is imperative to carrying out installation.

ENDFIX Installation Tools
Crimping tool + tie-rod Anvil Sleeve * ENDFIX®

* The sleeve is a tooling part which must be fitted into the anvil ,and is not to be used for M12 ENDFIX® (refer to TOOLIN'FIX™).
To push the sleeve through the anvil, use a Ø12 shaft.

ENDFIX® installation process

ENDFIX Installation Process

< Tube Preparation - Tooling - Installation - Setting >

ENDFIX® installation settings

Tie-rod adjustment
1. Screw ENDFIX® onto the tie-rod so that all the ENDFIX® threads are in contact with the rod (move the anvil, if necessary).
2. Place the anvil in contact with the ENDFIX® head, then block the anvil in this position.
For the stroke and crimping force adjustment, two different methods can be used.

1. Crimping force setting
Fixed stroke and variable crimping force adjustment:
Fixed stroke: crimping tool stroke must be set to maximum
Variable crimping force : value defined for each ENDFIX® part number (see ENDFIX® data sheet). To achieve this setting force, it is necessary to set the air pressure for the crimping tools. To adjust this parameter, we recommend the positioning of a regulator upstream of the crimping tool.
The necessary air pressure (P) may vary, depending on the crimping tool used. To define the right pressure, please refer to the table below.

For LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX installation tooling
Fastening Tool Crimping pressure P (bars)
TFS102 / AP70304 P = F / 450
TFS103 P = F / 185
TFS104 P = F / 400
F : data available in the data sheet for the selected ENDFIX® part number
For all other installation tooling, please refer to the manufacturer’s manual for the pressure / force ratio, or request LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX support.

2. Stroke setting
Fixed crimping force and variable stroke adjustment:
Fixed crimping force: the air pressure required to guarantee fixed crimping force is 6 bars. This value corresponds to the usual pressure of an air pressure supply network.
Variable stroke: this parameter must be adjusted for each tube batch (because it is dependent on tube thickness and internal diameter ranges)
The following formula enables determination of presetting stroke S:
S = ( measured tube internal Ø – ENDFIX® external Ø + 0.6 ) x 4

Optimum crimping generates slight deformation equal to 0.1 mm of external tube diameter (not visible but measurable).
Increased deformation may be less aesthetically pleasing, but improves ENDFIX® tensile force.


< Tube Preparation - Tooling - Installation - Setting >

Setting force

Setting force data is provided in the data sheets.

ENDFIX Setting

Recommendations for assembly and use

Setting force data is given as a guideline only, and must be adjusted for specific customer applications.
Setting forces depend on:
• tube condition: thickness, hardness, internal surface roughness, weld dimensions and cleanliness
• bolt: grade and lubrication

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