Technische Angaben
Selection guide
Product data / Benefits
Advantage Proof Benefit
Very high levels of mechanical performance Large pin diameter enabling very high tensile and shearing resistances Mechanical assembly
Refer to data sheet
Guarantee of perfect assembly
Simple installation process No complex tools are required, just a simple riveting tool
No welding
1) The solution immediately covers its own costs
2) PNo special skills required
Flexibility in installation Can be installed on large assemblies
No special skills required
Organisational flexibility
Very high-speed installation rate Positioning of the pin and collar + crimping operation = 9 seconds.That is 400 workpieces per hour, depending on application set-up
No workpiece preparation to allow welding
Improved reactivity
Assembly cost savings
Can be used on all metals No heating of material during installation Process savings - whatever the workpiece material
Resistance to vibration Collar riveted onto the pin, guaranteeing the tightening of the assembly obtained during LOCKFIX™ installation In-time assembly guaranteed, even in severe vibratory conditions
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