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The NUTFIX™ solution

NUTFIX™ self clinching nuts provide the solution to achieving a thread function in metal sheet of any thickness. This type of fastener is installed using a press.
The performance of NUTFIX™ nuts is outstanding - in terms of both torque resistance and tensile force. It can therefore be used in numerous applications, even those subject to significant stress.

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Installation process

NUTFIX Installation process

Functions   Think NUTFIX™ as an alternative to

- Internal thread
- Spacer
- Assembly of two sheets
(RE type)


A welded nut:
- a long, complex welding process
- thread coaxiality not very precise
- an unattractive solution
Workpiece tapping:
- a long, complex and not very accurate tapping process
- low mechanical resistance of thread (too few threads)
Nut and bolt:
- assembly is cumbersome because it necessitates holding both the nut and the bolt

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