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Product data / Benefits
Advantage Proof Benefit
High-resistance assembly guaranteed Refer to data sheets Guarantee of perfect assembly
Guarantee of perpendicularity and positioning of the stud in relation to the workpiece The stud head is used during installation as a reference surface, to guarantee the perpendicularity of the stud
The positioning is ensured by the self-centring of the stud, guided by its threaded section
Perfect assembly ensured in terms of both functional and geometrical aspects
Simplification of the production flow and process Installation of the fastener after the workpiece has been painted
No polishing on a stainless steel workpiece
Savings can be made because there is no need for polishing or painting
Can also be applied to pre-painted workpieces
Very high-speed installation rate Automatic installation possible => several STUDFIX™ can be simultaneously installed
Installation can be integrated into a metal sheet stamping stage in concurrent operation time
Improved productivity and reactivity
Assembly cost savings
Elimination of retapping to remove weld spots No welding operation, just a crimping operation Process economies
Elimination of retapping to remove excess paint No need to paint after installation Process economies
Aesthetic solution No visible welds Completely aesthetic yet without polishing costs or assembly deterioration (burns and deformations)
Can be used on all metals The stud is installed without any heating of the material Process savings - whatever the workpiece material
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