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Impossible to lose the screw Screw is attached to the retainer, which is itself attached to the workpiece after installation No risk of losing the screw in a sensitive environment (electrical, power supply, etc.)
High-resistance assembly guaranteed See values in technical data sheets Guarantee of perfect assembly
No special preparation of the workpiece is necessary Rough holes, non-chamfered and non-deburred No costs related to the preparation of the workpiece
Guarantee of positioning and coaxiality of the screw after installation The shank of the retainer self-centres the component on installation
The retainer receiving the screw allows clearance, which facilitates final assembly
Perfect assembly is assured, in terms of both functional and aesthetic aspects
Simplification of the production flow and process Can be used on painted workpieces
No polishing on a stainless steel workpiece
Simplification of the process: pre-painted workpieces can be used
Elimination of retapping to remove excess paint No need to paint after installation Savings
Aesthetic solution No visible welds nor burning of the material Completely aesthetic yet without polishing costs or assembly deterioration (burns and deformations)
Can be used on all metals The screw is installed without any heating of the material Process savings - whatever the workpiece material
Rapidity and ease of setting captive screws CAPTIFIX™ solutions are installed to workpieces using a simple press.
In its IMC version, CAPTIFIX™ enables manual snap-on assembly, without tools.
Maximum reduction in assembly costs.
Assembly of a panel fitted with several anchorage points on its frame, facilitated by the use of IMC-type captive components. In the IMC version, the CAPTIFIX™ allow significant freedom in positioning when installed to a workpiece equipped with lights, allowing absolute coaxiality between the fastener and the threaded elements of the frame. These captive elements can also be integrated to cylindrical holes, with a diameter allowing for clearance. Fastener position, in relation to the threaded elements of the frame during the assembly phase, is 100% guaranteed.
Faster assembly time for sheet metal work.
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