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Gains that are both backed up by figures, and guaranteed

We offer you an alternative solution based on proven components and know-how from our range of products and we commit to a measurable gain in productivity, presented in a detailed and factual manner.
We qualify for you the technical solution we have recommended: mechanical and corrosion tests, capability studies, tool design, assembly parameters...
This qualification process is the subject of a detailed report.

Notre Vocation - Des gains chiffrés et garantis

Breakdown of the total cost price of an assembly function demonstrates that in 75% of cases studied, 80% of the total cost price of the assembly function of the product in question consists of installation and implementation costs. It is therefore clear that the halving of installation time results in savings of around 40% on the cost price of the operation!

The assembly solutions on offer from LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX will allow you to achieve such savings.

The LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX application engineers are able to achieve such productivity margins by evaluating the design of your products with you, whilst taking into consideration your manufacturing environment, the equipment you already own and the operational requirements of your specification.

Their proposal is delivered with a results guarantee, and the technical validity of the solution designed is prototyped and tested by LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX in the conditions of your project.

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