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A structured method

LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX uses a structured method to guarantee you measurable gains while respecting your technical requirements:
We work with you to identify the products likely to provide improved productivity, whether in the design phase or already in production.
We analyse with you the existing product-process dimension:
- Functional requirements and performance
- Target level of quality
- Means of production used
- Known defects and non-quality
- Total costs

Notre Vocation - Une méthode structurée

The breakdown of total cost price of an assembly operation includes:

  • the purchase price of the fasteners
  • the workpiece preparation operations: masking prior to painting, for example
  • installation sequence costs
  • finishing operations: cleaning, removal of masking, deburring, etc.
  • the depreciation of installation equipment
  • systematic secondary operations such as re-tapping, grinding...
  • 100% checks
  • scrap and non-quality costs

showing that in 75% of cases studied, 80% of the total cost price of the assembly function of the product in question consists of installation and implementation costs. It is therefore clear that the halving of installation time results in savings of around 40% on the cost price of the operation!

The assembly solutions on offer from LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX will allow you to achieve such savings.

The LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX application engineers are able to achieve productivity margins like these by evaluating the design of your products with you, whilst taking into consideration your industrial environment, the equipment you already have and the operational requirements of your specification. Incidentally, we consider that all design changes must generate an improvement in the quality and repeatability of the process, through a simplification of procedure and the precision of the components. This criterion is systematically costed in our evaluations.

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