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The LC type SOFTERFIX™ solution

SOFTERFIX™ LC compression limiters are intended to maintain assembly tension over time on nut/bolt clamping in plastic materials. It is the compression limiter which balances the clamping force, rather than the plastic workpiece - which, if subjected to the pressure applied by the fastener - will, in time, creep, resulting in a drop in the assembly constraints and loosening of the fastener. SOFTERFIX™ LC compression limiters are available in 2 versions:
- For overmoulding, with diamond-shaped knurling for optimal pull-out resistance
- Press-in with knurling at 30°

SOFTERFIX Type LC Coupe 3/4
Installation process

Processus de pose SOFTERFIX Type LC à Insérer

version for insertion

Processus de pose SOFTERFIX Type LC à Surmouler

version for overmoulding

Function   Think SOFTERFIX™ LC type as an alternative to

Maintain assembly tension over time on bolt/nut assemblies in plastic materials


Roll-formed split-seam collar:
- lower dimensional precision
- offers low pull-out resistance (no anchoring knurling)
- presents a risk of plastic material flowing into the slot (for overmoulded versions)
- automation of installation is difficult

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