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  • Indefinitely re-usable tapping
  • Integrity of the assembly tension throughout the life of the project or application - without any risk of relaxation
  • Option of applying the tightening torque to the bolt corresponding to the required assembly tension without damage to the plastic workpiece
  • Reinforced axial mechanical resistance, achieved through on demand adjustable insert implantation length
  • As with all its product ranges, LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX offers a wide range of standards to meet most applications as well as specifically adapted configurations
  • All open inserts for overmoulding incorporate exclusive CRUSHPROOF™ technology:
    In using this type of insert, the cavity length should be slightly shorter than the dimension of the insert length, so as to ensure perfect sealing during moulding.
    If this difference in dimensions is too great, the insert tapping may become damaged.
    Exclusive CRUSHPROOF™ technology allows a torque differential of up to 0.5 mm, whilst maintaining thread function.
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