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The SPACERFIX™ solution

The SPACERFIX™ self-clinching standoff is the solution to obtaining a spacer function.
SPACERFIX™ is a component that is press-clinched on thin metal sheet.

Installation process

SPACERFIX Installation process

Functions   Think SPACERFIX™ as an alternative to

- Holds two sheets parallel at a predetermined distance, in such a way that they can be dismantled (screwed, snapped on)
- Can also be used as a pin or bearing


Welded turned spacer:
- a long, complex welding process
- thread coaxiality not very precise
- an unattractive solution
Nut + stud + spacer assembly:
Assembly is cumbersome because it necessitates holding nut, stud and spacer during assembly. The spacer is usually difficult to access during assembly, because it is positioned between the two elements to be joined.

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