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improving our customers’ competitive edge

Our expertise:
detecting and exploiting sources of productivity

A decidedly innovative approach to fasteners...

Notre Vocation - Des composants sophistiqués

Fastening components are often considered as run of the mill, low cost, non-strategic products with little added-value and are thus treated like commodities, both in terms of purchasing strategies and supply chain management. Their function is often neglected during the design phase of the products in which they are later incorporated, the choice of fastening devices often being made at the end of the project.

Sophisticated fasteners

Thanks to decades of solid experience in mechanical systems, LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX has developed an innovative approach based on 2 key beliefs:
The product-process dimension, consisting in components and their means of setting, is a source of gains in productivity and improved product quality.
Fastening components capable of providing these gains in productivity are highly technical products and the repeatability of their characteristics is the key to performance (grade of materials, dimensional precision, heat treatment, surface finishes...).

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Notre Vocation - Une méthode structurée

A structured method

LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX uses a structured method to guarantee you measurable gains while respecting your technical requirements:
We work with you to identify the products likely to provide improved productivity, whether in the design phase or already in production.
We analyse with you the existing product-process dimension:
- Functional requirements and performance
- Target level of quality
- Means of production used
- Known defects and non-quality
- Total costs

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Tangible and guaranteed gains

We offer you an alternative solution based on proven components and know-how from our range of products and we commit to a measurable gain in productivity, presented in a detailed and factual manner.
We qualify for you the technical solution we have recommended: mechanical and corrosion tests, capability studies, tool design, assembly parameters...
This qualification process is the subject of a detailed report.

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Notre Vocation - Des gains chiffrés et garantis
Notre Vocation - Production intégrée & Qualité maîtrisée

Integrated production & Quality control

The expertise of LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX in manufacturing technologies, either by material cutting or cold forming, in heat treatment and surface finishes, guarantees optimal repeatability of the key characteristics of our components.
LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX pursues an aggressive investment policy in its industrial facilities, employee training and quality management tools, enabling us to capitalise on our expertise in different sectors.

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A customised logistics service

We deliver our technical fastening components according to your logistics needs. We set up a dedicated stock for you, adapted to your production and supply schedules with our exclusive STOCK4U customer service tool.

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Notre Vocation - Un service logistique adapté
Notre Vocation - Un partenariat durable

A long-term partnership

You commit to an exclusive partnership with LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX for a period of 3 years.

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