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The BOLTOFIX™ solution

BOLTOFIX™ is the solution for joining two workpieces which are subject to significant levels of stress (tensile and shearing stresses, vibration, and where a watertight seal is required).
Use of an oleopneumatic riveting tool is essential in order to apply sufficient force to the knurled stem.
The BOLTOFIX™ double-bodied structure guarantees a high level of mechanical performance after riveting. BOLTOFIX™ is therefore the obvious choice for structural assembly applications.

Installation process

BOLTOFIX Installation process

Function   Think BOLTOFIX™ as an alternative to

Permanent blind rivet assembly for structural elements


Arc welding:
- not very flexible welding process
- high level of material heating
- workpiece deformation
- scarcity of qualified arc-welders
- an unattractive solution (weld spots)
Spot welding or seam welding:
- a welding process that is not very flexible
- variable and non-guaranteed assembly resistance levels
Hollow Rivet:
- blind installation is impossible

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