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The CAPTIFIX™ solution

The captive components of the CAPTIFIX™ range enable a captive screwing or indexation function on a panel-type workpiece.
The retainer, which is in permanent contact with the workpiece holds the screwing or indexing element captive.
The various shapes offered allow crimping or snap-on installation on a variety of materials.

CAPTIFIX™ installation process
Press installation process

CAPTIFIX Installation process

Snap-on installation process

Processus de pose CAPTIFIX

Functions   Think CAPTIFIX™ as an alternative to

- Captive screw
- Floating captive screw
- Captive indexing pin


A standard screw:
During assembly and dismantling operations, it is easy for a screw to escape the operator - sometimes with serious consequences:
- the screw may not be replaced, so that the fastening function is not provided
- the screw may come into contact with electrical or mechanical elements, possibly causing severe damage

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