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Threaded elements

A thread is obtained from a cylinder on which one (or several) helix groove(s) have been created.
The full section remaining is known as the screw thread.
A shank is described as being ‘threaded’, whilst a hole is described as being ‘tapped’.

Définitions - Vis Définitions - Écrou
Screw (STUDFIX™) Nut (CLUFIX®)
Définitions - Système vis-écrou

A threaded element is called a screw or bolt, and a tapped element is called a nut.
A nut and screw or bolt system enables two workpieces to be assembled in such a way that they can be dismantled.
The nominal diameter of a screw, bolt or nut is a notion that is used for designation purposes. The value of the nominal diameter corresponds, within the respective tolerances, to the outside diameter of the screw or bolt.
By definition, the screw, or bolt and nut have the same nominal diameter:
d = D


The standards provide for each nominal diameter to have a fine or coarse pitch (screws, bolts and nuts) as well as a small number of fine pitches for exceptional purposes (thread on thin tube, very short nut, screw or bolt for a measuring instrument).
Given equal nominal diameters, the finer the pitch, the more reduce the tolerance, and the more precise the pitch is.
The pitch of a screw, bolt or nut corresponds to the distance between two adjacent thread roots or crests.

Définitions - Pas

Helix direction

The helix direction is said to be ‘right-threaded’ if, on positioning the screw or bolt vertically, the thread climbs towards the right. It is said to be ‘left-threaded’ if the thread climbs towards the left. A right-threaded screw or bolt enters its immobilized nut through turning clockwise (anticlockwise for a left-threaded screw or bolt).
The standard LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX screw, bolt and nut families are manufactured with a 'right-threaded' helix direction.

Définitions - Profil de filet

Thread profile

In order to ensure tight assembly with minimum clearance in all instances, the basic profile represents:
- for the screw or bolt, maximum profile;
- for the nut; minimum profile.

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