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The ENDFIX® solution

ENDFIX® is the solution enabling internal thread in a round tube.
ENDFIX® is crimped inside the tube.
ENDFIX® installation is completed without welding, thus eliminating any reworking.

ENDFIX® : Threaded insert to be fitted at tube end - high mechanical resistance obtained without welding.
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Installation process

ENDFIX Installation process

Functions   Think ENDFIX® as an alternative to

- Internal thread presence at a tube end
- Serves as a stop inside tube

  A welded nut inside or at a tube end:
- a long, complex welding process
- thread presence not guaranteed
- thread coaxiality not guaranteed
- an unattractive solution
Turned part welded at a tube end:
- a long, complex welding process
- special component
Turned part, crimped at a tube end:
- low mechanical resistance and complex process
- an unattractive solution
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