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High-resistance assembly guaranteed During crimping, NUTFIX™ bonds closely with the metal sheet, causing the material to flow to the heart of its groove. Torque resistance is provided through the anchoring of the knurl teeth in the metal sheet.
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Guarantee of perfect assembly
No special preparation of the metal sheet is necessary Rough holes, not chamfered and not deburred No costs related to the preparation of the workpiece
Guaranteed coaxiality of thread and drilling on installation The NUTFIX™ shank self-centres the component during installation Guarantee of perfect assembly in terms of both functional and geometrical aspects
RE type NUTFIX™ offers a robust riveting function + a thread function, in a single component An RE type NUTFIX™ consists of a threaded body and a shank, enabling riveting Multifunction component simplifying the process
Very high-speed installation rate Automatic installation possible => several NUTFIX™ can be simultaneously installed
Installation can be integrated into a metal sheet stamping stage (and can therefore be achieved in concurrent operation time)
Improved productivity and reactivity
Assembly cost savings
Elimination of retapping to remove weld spots No welding operation, just a crimping operation Elimination of the retapping phase
Elimination of retapping to remove excess paint Can be used on pre-painted workpieces Elimination of the retapping phase
No damage to anticorrosion protection, because no retapping is necessary
Aesthetic solution The shapes that are useful to crimping are hidden after installation Completely aesthetic yet without polishing costs or assembly deterioration (burns and deformations)
Can be used on all metals No heating of the material during installation Process savings - whatever the workpiece material
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