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The STUDFIX™ solution

STUDFIX™ is a stud designed to be crimped to achieve a screw function on metal sheet of any thickness.
For this type of component, crimping is carried out using a press. The groove located under the bosses receives the material of the metal sheet, which flows under the effect of the pressure exercised on the head.
STUDFIX™ thus offers high performance mechanical behaviour. Torque resistance is ensured by the anchoring of the bosses in the metal sheet, and high resistance to axial forces is guaranteed by the design of both head and groove.

STUDFIX 3/4 View
Installation process

STUDFIX Installation process

Functions   Think STUDFIX™ as an alternative to

- Screw
- Unthreaded pin


Welded stud:
- complex welding process
- perpendicularity and positioning not very precise
Nut and bolt:
- assembly is cumbersome because it necessitates holding both the nut and the bolt during assembly. In addition, this solution is not very ergonomic.

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