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STUDFIX F type Head

F type - Flush
Standard design enabling the head to be flush-finished into the workpiece. This type of head is completely buried in metal sheet thicknesses ≥ 1 mm.

STUDFIX R type Head

R type - Reduced flush
Head with minimized dimensions, allowing crimping that is 25% to 50% closer to the edges and folds, in comparison with flush type F studs, whilst conserving the same flush finish characteristics. This design limits movement of the workpiece material during crimping.

STUDFIX T type Head

T type - Extra thin metal sheet
This shape allows crimping on very thin metal sheets from 0.5 mm, thanks to the groove which is located closer to the bosses. A flush finish is impossible on these extra-fine metal sheet thicknesses.

STUDFIX H type Head

H type - High resistance
Because the head is generously-sized, the H type enables very high tensile force and torque resistance.
This type of stud is intended for applications which are subject to very high stress, for metal sheet thicknesses ≥ 1.2 mm.

STUDFIX L type Head

L type - Wide high resistance
This wide non-flush head improves resistance on thin metal sheet ≥ 1 mm. Its wide head surface transmits the force of the application, whilst minimizing pressure stress on the metal sheet.

STUDFIX I type Head

I type - Concealed
This type of stud is suitable where aesthetic and/or seal criteria are of overriding importance. This component is crimped into a closed end hole, rendering the fixation points invisible.

STUDFIX Threaded Shank

Standard, ensuring the screw function.

STUDFIX Unthreaded Shank
P Type
STUDFIX P Unthreaded Shank

Shape enabling an indexation function.


Stud end

STUDFIX Standard Stud end


STUDFIX Dog point Stud end

Dog point
Dedicated to mass production applications. This feature enables automatic or semi-automatic screwing. The dog point guides the nut onto the first thread during screwing.

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