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< Push-out - Stainless steel grades >

Push-out force

This value is representative of the component’s resistance prior to assembly.
The push-out force values are provided in the CAPTIFIX™ data sheets.


< Push-out - Stainless steel grades >

Stainless steel grades

CAPTIFIX Inox CAPTIFIX Couleur Inox Stainless steel: The CAPTIFIX™ stainless steel range is produced using stainless steel from the austenitic family. This material is recognised for its effectiveness in corrosive environments.
CAPTIFIX Inox 316L CAPTIFIX Couleur Inox 316L 316L Stainless steel: Austenitic A4 stainless steel. The presence of Molybdenum in its composition encourages the auto-generation of a passive coating. This coating offers a natural protection which preserves the intrinsic properties of the component.
316L CAPTIFIX™ stainless steel components can be recognized by the groove on the retainer.
CAPTIFIX Inox HR CAPTIFIX Couleur Inox HR HR Stainless steel: The mechanical resistance of these HR stainless steel components facilitates and allows crimping on extremely hard workpieces (up to 90 HRB). The HR range is therefore the optimal solution, in mechanical terms, for stainless steel to stainless steel crimping.
The HR stainless steel CAPTIFIX™ components can be recognized by the wide groove on the retainer.
For extremely harsh environments and specific applications, LA CLUSIENNE-CLUFIX offers custom-made products that are extremely resistant to corrosion.

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