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Indirect torque

FLUSHFIX® can be used according to recommended maximum indirect torque given in the chart below:

Recommended maximum tightening torque (N.m)
NF E25-030 (8.8 grade bolt)

Friction coefficient M 6 M 8 M 10
0.20 11.1 27 53
0.15 9.5 23 46
0.10 7.5 18.2 36

< Torque - Tensile force - Tube in tube >

Tensile force

Guideline tensile force values correspond to the force required to separate FLUSHFIX® from its workpiece (values provided in the data sheets).

FLUSHFIX Setting Curve

FLUSHFIX Tensile force

This is a destructive test, and is carried out with 12.9 grade bolts.

< Torque - Tensile force - Tube in tube >

Tube in tube applications

FLUSHFIX® can be used whith a set screw assembly provided that the workpiece resistance is not exceeded. The use of a thumb screw to limit torque is recommended.
Use of a thicker tube reduces workpiece deformation and increases applicable torque.

FLUSHFIX Tubes Coulissants
Setting forces, tensile forces and internal protrusion all depend on the workpiece: i.e. thickness and hardness of the metal sheet.

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