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The LOCKFIX™ solution

LOCKFIX™ is a fastener component dedicated to structural assembly applications which are subject to very significant mechanical stress.
LOCKFIX™ fasteners consist of a pin and a collar. After riveting, these two elements guarantee high mechanical resistance.

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Installation process

LOCKFIX Installation process

Function   Think LOCKFIX™ as an alternative to

Permanent high-resistance assembly of structural elements


Nut & bolt assembly:
- assembly is cumbersome because it necessitates holding both the nut and the bolt during assembly
- risk of loosening, especially when the assembly is subject to vibration
- no possibility of locking the assembly
Arc welding:
- an inflexible welding process
- high level of material heating
- workpiece deformation
- scarcity of qualified arc-welders
- an unattractive solution (weld spots)

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