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< Torque - Tensile force - Push-out >

Torque resistance

Direct torque
This test represents component resistance when unscrewing a seized nut.
Test conditions:
- grade 10 nut
- High Elasticity Limit metal sheet for hexagonal body, in order to reduce the influence of metal sheet resistance.

CLUFIX-STUD Couple Direct
Direct torque (N.m) M 5 M 6 M 8
Round 3.2 6.0 10.5
Hexagonal 6.1 10.6 25.8

Indirect torque
In most cases, indirect torque resistance is higher (even much higher) than recommended maximum tightening torque for 8 grade nuts with a friction coefficient of 0.20.
The value shown in the data sheets has therefore been limited to the recommended maximum tightening torque for 8 grade nuts with a friction coefficient of 0.20.
In other cases, the value shown in the data sheets corresponds to the recommended torque value that is compatible with CLUFIX-STUD™ indirect torque resistance.

CLUFIX-STUD Indirect torque

The hexagonal body guarantees high torque resistance and easy dismantling.

Recommended maximum tightening torque (N.m) - NF E25-030 (8 grade nuts)

Friction coefficient M 5 M 6 M 8
0.20 6.4* 11.1* 27*
0.15 5.5 9.5 23
0.10 4.3 7.5 18.2
*data shown in data sheets

< Torque - Tensile force - Push-out >

Tensile force

Test method enabling assessment of the tensile force and thread, independently of the workpiece support.

daN Steel
M 5 1250
M 6 1750
M 8 3200
CLUFIX-STUD Tensile force Curve CLUFIX-STUD Tensile force
CLUFIX-STUD™ tensile / stroke chart, which assesses force and crimping stroke.
Testing conditions:
- grade 10 nut
- steel metal sheet

CLUFIX-STUD Setting Curve

< Torque - Tensile force - Push-out >

Push-out force

This test assesses the resistance of CLUFIX-STUD™ to pushing in the opposite direction to that in which it was installed.

daN Steel
M 5 250
M 6 350
M 8 600
CLUFIX-STUD Push-out Curve CLUFIX-STUD Push-out

Data presented in the tables above is provided as a guideline only. These values vary in accordance with the materials used and implementation conditions. It is recommended that tests be conducted in the actual application conditions.

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