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Our manufacturing capabilities

Clufix implements a set of complementary technologies, in order to guarantee productivity to its customers.

Our machinery, control systems, logistics solutions and subcontractors are constantly evolving and adapting to meet Clufix’s growth in the automotive markets.

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Bar Turning

We use bar turning to:

  • be reactive towards prototyping
  • be flexible on the design
  • propose complex parts
  • launch medium and large serial production

From mechanical single-spindle to CNC multi-spindle machines, Clufix disposes a fleet of more than 30 machines.

A complete set of manufacturing capabilities that can be used in function of the project expectations

CNC single-spindle

Adapted for many standard Clufix parts


Adapted for complex parts in large serial production runs

CNC Multi-spindle

Flexible and used for the larger diameters


Every year new machines are added, 4 new ones in 2018

Mechanical single-spindle

Used for simple parts and launched on very long runs

Mechanical single-spindle

Non-stop production runs for those machines

Cold Heading

Cold heading is used for:

  • the productivity for the part
  • simple geometries
  • and sometimes complex
  • the big serial production runs

Presses up to 6 stations, for the realization of the most unexpected solutions.

Secondary Operations

Secondary operations for:

Produce products and variants in small series with a lot of flexibility.

The capabilities of this workshop cover the following technologies:

  • tapping
  • punching
  • assembly
  • sorting…

Many machines are optimized to keep pace with production.


Our quality system is fully integrated into our management and management system.

It includes the quality of the products, as well as the safety of the personnel.

To guarantee the quality of our production, we are equipped with the latest control equipment (contactless optical measuring machine, Leitech gauge …).

Technical ranges, control ranges and monitoring of production are followed and guaranteed. The traceability is thus total and permanent from the order to the delivery.

Our quality team control and validate staff skills, product compliance, compliance with safety standards and company standards through post audits, manufacturing process audits and product audits.

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