Leank Project
Our approach


At Clufix, we affectionately refer to our internal project process as Leank Project.
It is a proactive approach to managing all of our activities for new programs, from discovery through PPAP and delivery.

Discover Leank Project

Clufix engineering

6% of our total revenue is invested in engineering and product development. Our engineering center includes:

  • Engineering team
  • Prototype manufacturing centers
  • Equipment development and assembly
  • Full test lab

We are experts who can:

  1. Conduct application studies.
  2. Make recommendations for:
    – a fastener
    – its interface in the assembly
    – its installation technique
  3. Manufacture custom samples in 2-3 weeks.
  4. Perform benchmark testing
  5. Produce comprehensive reports

Our methodology :

  • Help establish a component’s requirements by reflecting on its purpose
  • Develop a product that responds to the application’s technical requirements
  • Verify concept through prototyping and testing
  • Work proactively with our clients to ensure all program gates are satisfied and timing respected

Your advantages :

  1. Optimized product, process, and capital costs
  2. Operational simplification
  3. Ensure finished product function and quality within project timing
  4. Reduction in validation and implementation costs

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