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M12 threaded insert & compression limiter

Our customer is an equipment and systems supplier to the automotive and heavy truck industries who specialize in fluid management and mechanisms.

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Customer needs

Our customer was searching for functional post-mold fastening solutions for an EGR duct sensor assembly. It called for an M12 female Threaded Insert to plug the sensor into that is capable of withstanding 50 N*m of applied tightening torque on the sensor, and could guarantee internal and external sealing in an aggressive environment.

Furthermore, it required flanged M6 Compression Limiters at 2 mounting points.

Clufix solution

M12 Threaded Insert:

Clufix identified several design and functional challenges for such a post-mold installed component and proposed in-mold installation instead. Doing so made it easier to achieve the torque requirement in the assembly and eliminated the need to fix an o-ring over the exterior of the insert. Our customer was wiling to adopt the process change as it allowed for a higher performance component with lower cost cost (smaller component and without o-ring).

For sealing on the internal face of the insert, Clufix developed a conical face on the inside of the insert that mated with a shoulder on the sensor that guaranteed a mechanical seal when the sensor was tightened.

M6 Compression Limiters:

Clufix developed new flanged Compression Limiters that can:

  • Be installed cold post molding
  • Exceed push-out requirements
  • Be manufactured by screw machining OR cold heading

The dual manufacturing (machining vs forging) provided the most flexibility and lowest component cost and tooling investment during pre- and 1st year production. The process change was adapted for peak demand years when demand was more predictable and the tooling investment quickly returned. Clufix is PPAP approved for both processes, providing us with maximum operational flexibility.


M12 Threaded Insert:

  • Guaranteed seal of exhaust gas against the internal sensor
  • Guaranteed seal of exhaust gas against the plastic body
  • Achievement of 50 N*m torque resistance
  • Lower component cost, primarily due to elimination of o-ring

M6 Compression Limiters:

  • Screw machining provided the best responsiveness
  • Cold heading provided the lowest production cost
  • Dual processing allowed for the lowest cost launch and the longest delay in tooling investment. Tooling built after the volumes were proven and return on investment optimized.
  • Dual production (and PPAP) enables CLUFIX to optimize current production

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