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M5 Brass insert blind end

Our customer, a Tier 2 OEM supplier, approached Clufix for a threaded insert for their plastic steering wheel enclosure slated for assembly in Tunisia.

The enclosure is for the luxury vehicle segment. It is thin in profile and has Class A surfaces which had to be respected.

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Customer needs

  • Use with M5 screw
  • Blind-end
  • Mold-in installation
  • Torque resistant
  • Steel material
  • Non-magnetic
  • Low profile
  • Perpendicularity (insert is also used as a locator)

Clufix expertise

Although steel material was requested, Clufix recommended using brass as it is an electronics application and the OEM has a magnetism requirement.

In developing a solution, Clufix also considered the other needs. Special attention was needed to satisfy the combination of torque resistance, small package size, and the insert’s necessary assembly function for aligning the enclosure on the steering wheel spoke.


The functional solution that Clufix developed is a blind-end, mold-over insert featuring pilot ends with flats. It was verified to:

  • Exceed the mechanical performance requirements
  • Maximize thread engagement
  • Minimize the insert’s footprint
  • Properly align the closure during assembly
  • Provide no electro-magnetic interference
  • Supply successfully to the Tunisian assembly location

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