Case study
Multifunctional assemblies

Innovative locking system for one of our customer that proposes connectivity solutions in the nuclear industry.

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Customer needs

The customer was looking for a new innovative locking system for a connectivity box which needed to respond to the following expectations:

  • Easy mounting and disassembly during maintenance operations
  • A watertight system to protect system equipment against leakage.
  • Stainless steel required in order to have a life time guarantee against corrosion.
  • A captive screw function within the assembly in order to avoid loss and potential damage to critical components.

Clufix expertise

After different test phases we came up with a custom-made locking solution which corresponds to the mechanical and functional expectations of the application.


We designed a specific screw:

  • Which can be mounted manually in order to react quickly without dedicated setting material
  • Which has an integrated compression limiter to be able to absorb directly the applied torque
  • Which has a dedicated seal and gasket to fulfil the water tightness requirement.
  • Which is captive and allows easy mounting and disassembly of the housing.

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