ENDFIX - écrou en bout de tube

Nut for conveyor/tube ends

The addition of a thread at the end of a tube can be costly, both from process and procurement points-of-view. Secondary operations are often also required to improve the finish of the assembly.

Discover how ENDFIX simplifies the processing and improves the overall product.

Discover the innovation

Customer needs

Manufacturers of conveyor systems, or anyone using tubing in metal fabrication), often need to add a threaded function to the end of a tube.

This task can be highly burdensome and there are definitive needs for:

  • Reducing process time
  • Assuring repeatability
  • Reducing purchasing costs

Clufix solution

For many applications Clufix proposes crimping a specialty nut, called ENDFIX to the end of the tube. An ENDFIX nut can be installed with any pneumatic crimping tool in a matter of seconds. The installation is simple and fast.

The ENDFIX is a robust product whose installation also induces less risk of damage to the host tube as the deformation is localized and controlled.


  • Total cost reduction in adding the thread by:
    • Process cost reduction
    • Minimizing equipment investment
    • Eliminating secondary operations
  • Less risk of damage to host assembly
  • Higher repeatability
  • Operator task simplification (more ergonomic)
  • Aesthetic improvement

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