Our specialty : assembly functions and industrial fastening processes.
Our added value : expertise for our customers. Partnering with OEMs to co-develop their optimal fastening solution

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We are…

The Leank Company

“Leank” is taken by the marriage of the 2 words Link and Lean and is a portmanteau that we feel accurately describes our activities.

Link : Establishing a connection through fastening
Lean : Efficient and not wasteful; optimal

Clufix goes beyond the manufacturing of fasteners. We engage with our customers on multiple levels such that programs launch as efficiently as possible and with realized assembly processes that reduce cost and waste.

We design and develop 

Assembly solutions for OEMs and Tiers.

We are full and active participants of our customers’ development teams. Our close cooperation from inception to delivery (and beyond) ensures quality and the timeliness of projects stay on target.

Our commitment

We are driven to serve our customers in a responsible and shared, value-creating approach.

Clufix understands the global nature of today’s manufacturing and we are ready to support your needs. Our products and service will be custom tailored to meet your needs.

Our strength

Is in our expert personnel, who are knowledgeable not only in our products and processes, but of those of our clients also.

Let us help you with your next project.

Clufix in figures

16,3 M
icône croissance

USD $16,3 million
in sales in 2023


70 employees

6 %

6% of revenue
invest in R&D


5 active patents


France : 2 production sites & warehouse
USA : Subsidiary Company Clufix North America
Germany: Sales office


3,000 customers
in 66 countries

98 %



1 digit PPM: Our quality performance for 3 years

We believe in…

A company that is adaptive in its operations and its support.

Our development of each project is flexible to customer needs, from project inception to delivery.

We assemble a project committee weekly, referred to internally as COPRO, to review all facets of each project and ensure all necessary advancements are made. The COPRO team assesses feasibility long before a traditional APQP process.

The objective is to seamlessly integrate new demands into our operation and maximize reliability for our customers.

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