AdBlue cover
Flow formed insert

Our customer launches his own range of products for Adblue dosing pumps. In an extremely complicated environment Clufix showed his expertise and innovative approach.

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Customer needs

The assembly of 2 plastic parts by using a threaded over molded insert.
During development our customer encounters a problem concerning the mechanical resistance of the used insert. The lack of available space doesn’t give them a lot of options to improve the design.

The use of a non-glass filled PEHD material is not making things easier in order to answer fully to the wanted technical specifications for torque out and pull out resistance at high temperatures.

Clufix expertise

In order to define the right design of the insert we simulated in our in-house lab the injection molding process of our customer.

We developed our own prototype mold to be able to test different kind of designs and to validate its performance.


  • We proposed an ultra-compact design produced by combining traditional bar turning and flow-forming technologies to guarantee performance and useable thread length.
  • By over molding the part internally we were 100 % sure of the mechanical performances before presenting it to the customer. This resulted in a huge time reduction during final validation.
  • Our customer was thus able to respect his initial planning towards the OEM, despite the encountered technical setback.

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