Defense and Aerospace
Captive screw system for protection cover

Our customer designs and produces various complex products and installations for aerospace, communication and defense markets. They consulted CLUFIX for a specific development.

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Customer needs

The client worked on a satellite application and to avoid damage they protect the equipment with a transparent protection cover. We needed to guarantee the final assembly combined with a captive solution.

Clufix expertise

We developed a captive screw system including a spacer which will be directly assembled on the protection cover. The knurled head design allows an easy pre-mounting and the captive screw function is guaranteed by a specific spring function.


  • Time reduction of the assembly of the cover.
  • Easy panel preparation by manual installation of the fastener
  • The spacer assures the adequate distance between the cover and the satellite.
  • No damage during transport and easy disassembly guaranteed.

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