Captive Screws
Housing assembly for rotating machines


Our Captifix solution is proposing a captive screw fasteners which is easy to install, robust and can be used for sheet metals between 1 and 3 mm.

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Customer needs

Our customer is producing power generators and needs to comply to the European norms which stipulate that housings of rotating machines need to be equipped with a captive assembly solution.

They consulted Clufix to optimize their current solution.

Clufix expertise

We developed a manual clickable solution which is preparing the sheet metal without changing the initial hole dimensions and we can use this solution even within oval dimensions.

It’s during the final assembly phase that the screw will become captive by deformation.


  • Feasibility and easy control when the head of the screw is completely flush.
  • No risk of damaging the housing during manipulation because the screw is able to freely move within the non-threated area.


  • Easy to install
  • Adaptable to different thicknesses of sheet metal
  • Unchanged design for multiple applications

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