Quality control machine
Custom made fasteners

Our customer develops quality control installations for glass products. To keep the different articles in the right position during verification they used a conventional, time consuming fixing method.

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Customer needs

  • They are looking to improve the necessary time to change the conventional solution during after-sales operations.
  • Avoid the risk of loosing components in the production line. So, they expressed a need to simplify the assembly method (3 different components were used).
  • Cost – reduction: installation time and component price

Clufix expertise

Our development team worked with the customers R&D in order to develop together an unique fastener which is completely integrated in the quality control machine. On and off-site testing validated our approach and solution.


  • The necessary time for after sales interventions is reduced with more than 50 % and the customer can work more autonomous on his installation.

  • No more loose parts, so no more risk in damaging surrounding equipment by losing components.

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