Specific crimped spacer for the automotive industry

Automotive motor heat shield
Specific crimped spacers

Our customer develops flexible multi material heat shield which need to be assembled on the motor bloc. They were looking for a sustainable fastener which could act at the same time as a compression limiter and consulted therefore Clufix.

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Customer needs

Initially our client used a normal washer glued on the heat shield. However, they lost a lot of those parts during transport and this caused serious quality problems at the OEM side. They had an urgent need to find a sustainable solution to solve that issue.

Clufix expertise

We developed together with the customer a specific spacer which is crimped around the flexible heat shield. Different dimensions are proposed in order to adapt the part to the specific design of each individual product. We assisted also the production teams of our client in automating the setting process.


  • No more risk for loosing the part during transport.
  • High mechanical performances in order to act as compressing limiter during final assembly.
  • Quick and automated installation increased production productivity.

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